Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the ACGN comprise the President and Regional Vice Presidents of the Council of African Cabinet Secretaries set up by the Network:

Dr. Ernest Surrur

President, Council of African Cabinet Secretaries

Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service, Sierra Leone.

Dr. Ernest Surrur

Dr Surrur has been a civil servant in Sierra Leone since 1980 holding many senior positions, including Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Director-General of the Human Resource Management Office. He has been Permanent Secretary in the Ministries of Health, Trade and Industry, Transport and Communications and Development and Economic Planning. He has also held a range of senior positions in all districts (provinces).

Dr Surrur was appointed to his current position in March 2013 and has already initiated a review of the procedures of the Cabinet, which is expected to lead to a new Cabinet Manual, replacing one mostly dating back to the 1960s. Priority issues in this review include evidence-based Cabinet Memoranda, more efficient use of Ministers' time and establishment of an effective system of Cabinet standing committees. He is strengthening the role and capacity of the Cabinet Secretariat, as well as its links with line Ministries.

Combining the roles of Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Civil Service provides Dr Surrur with opportunities to improve coordination and implementation of Cabinet decisions, as well as improving the performance of the civil service and the working relationships between Ministers and senior civil servants.

He has a PhD in Public Administration from the Africa Graduate University, Uganda, as well as Bachelor of Education and Master of Public Sector Management degrees.


George Mkondiwa

George Mkondiwa Vice President (Southern Africa): Chief Secretary to the Cabinet, Malawi



John Mitala

John Mitala Vice President (Easst Africa): Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Public Service, Uganda


Roger Angsomwine

Vice President (East Africa): Cabinet Secretary, Ghana